Deepki obtains B Corp Certification!

Deepki obtains B Corp Certification!

Since 2006, the B Corp Certification has been spreading its values for change worldwide. Deepki felt it was important to obtain certification as it is a guarantee of trust, responsibility and transparency to our stakeholders. It stands apart from other labels as it is one of the most demanding. For several years now, an increasing number of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses have been signing up to an environmental and societal approach, alongside their clients. It goes without saying that B Corp is the benchmark for showing stakeholders your commitment. But what is the certification for? What does it bring to companies and investors? How do you obtain it?

B Corp in France

Today, more than 3,400 companies have obtained the certification and it can be found in over 70 countries. The certification first steadily made itself known in France in 2015, on the initiative of the consulting firm Utopies. Since then, the number of French companies looking to become certified has grown and grown!

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Why was B Corp certification important?

Since its beginning, Deepki has used data to make real estate more sustainable. Reducing our environmental impact as well as that of our clients is part of our slogan. Consequently, it made perfect sense to dedicate time to B Corp certification.
This certification clearly shows how ESG criteria, social and environmental performance, and our transparency towards our stakeholders is integrated into our business strategy. B Corp has shown to have the added value of giving a “stamp of authority” to our daily commitments.

For the Deepki teams, B Corp is representative of strong beliefs:

  • proving our commitment to our communities and stake holders
  • showing that it is a commitment that our team, and the company itself, take very seriously
  • see through from beginning to end Deepki’s main mission: using data to make real estate more sustainable
  • the ability to share environmental topics that will change the world of today and tomorrow
  • explaining to our clients that these processes are definitely possible!
  • attracting new talent to whom these issues are vital

Our hope for the future

By obtaining this certification, we commit to ongoing improvement. Once they have obtained it, participating companies actually retake the certification every three years. Those three years allow us to understand, analyse and prepare those aspects with room for improvement, and consequently score higher than the first time around.
Our ambition is to make the real estate sector sustainable while showcasing the B Corp values that we bring to day-to-day life.

Our commitments are based on five pillars:

  • collaborators’ wellbeing: their wellbeing at work is essential for development in the professional as well as social environment. Incidentally, Deepki received a mark of 4.5/5 for wellbeing at work on ChooseMyCompany!
  • environmental commitment: the environment is at the very heart of Deepki’s daily mission. Soft mobility and recycling are very strongly encouraged within our team, meaning each year we can reduce our greenhouse gas balance.
  • governance: at Deepki, transparency and integration are our watchwords. Each of our collaborators is trained in the company’s concerns, the significance of an environmental footprint, and in our ethical charter, which is essential for the company’s good operation and for collaboration among teams. Deepki is proud of the gender parity of its team which is 49% women.
  • client satisfaction: this is at the heart of our concerns and our clients return the sentiment. They gave us 8/10 on a client satisfaction questionnaire!
  • the importance of community: we surround ourselves with responsible partners in line with our responsible purchasing strategy. We support local producers in order to showcase regional products, such as our coffee producer whose produce comes from fair-trade Colombian farms.

What is the B Corp Certification process?

Before getting started on certification, you have to first ask yourself the right questions. Why are you doing it? Is it just for recognition? No. Be aware that obtaining this certification means laying your teams’ and your company’s convictions bare.

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What you should know: the process takes time, up to several months. Remember that it is a short to medium-term commitment. Looking to obtain this certification involves having the resources to dedicate time to it, as well as someone who will know the required criteria and be in contact with B Corp.

To find out more about the certification criteria, visit the official site.