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Deepki helps the collective housing to reduce their real estate expenses, create and manage renovation action plans and comply with regulations.

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  • Say goodbye to manual entry
  • Benchmark your real estate
  • Reduce your costs
  • Provide a transparent vision on your real estate management
  • Comply with regulations
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With the Energy Transition laws, the collective housing needs to make steady progress towards digital and energy transformation.


Today, I have a global and clear vision of the expenses paid for each building.
Thierry ImmobilierFrançois GOMELET, Thierry Immobilier

Thanks to this approach offered by Deepki, we provide real added value to our customers by integrating a visibility in terms of the development of costs to our services, while being a source of ideas to lower them.

Thierry Immobilier Adelaide BIGOT, Thierry Immobilier


Thierry ImmobilierSA du HAINAUT
ACPPAHabitat Réuni

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