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Gain insight into your real estate and reduce your consumptions

Deepki provides local authorities a complete view of their real estate, reduces their costs, highlights their performance and monitors the work of their service providers.

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  • Say goodbye to manual entry
  • Benchmark your real estate
  • Get notified in case of anomaly event
  • Establish a concrete action plan
  • Monitor your operational providers quality
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With government subsidies reduction and public stakeholders duty to pave the way, local authorities have the difficult task to achieve more with less means, particularly for asset management.


The experience is already conclusive with the first results: a concrete action plan in a few weeks. And all this, with our existing data!
Ville du ChesnayM. BLANC, Ville du Chesnay


Ville du ChesnayMairie de Paris
Ville de TorcyVille de Lorient