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Collect automatically
your data

Automatically collect your data

Deepki saves its customers time and effort by automating their data collection and cleaning processes.

Gain insight into your
real-estate portfolio

Gain insights on your real estate

Deepki helps its customers to gain insights into their property assets by aggregating data and provide complete visibility enabling you to make the best business decisions.

your costs

Optimize your costs

Deepki analyses your existing data to gain insights on your costs, helps you monitor and optimise them.

Improve your
maintenance process

Improve your maintenance process

Deepki helps its clients to optimise their maintenance processes by tracking work flows, schedule maintenance tasks, and streamline their relationships with service providers.

Comply with
national regulation

Comply with national regulations

Deepki helps its customers to fulfil their legal and environmental obligations, while turning constraints into business opportunities.

Leverage your
assets’ value

Leverage your assets value

Deepki leverages your asset’s value by reporting automatically gains coming from your action plans, and your environmental indicators.

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