Deepki Collect, the most efficient data collection solution

Deepki Collect posses an automatic collection process, that saves you a substantial amount of time and money.

Aggregate all your data

Deepki Collect aggregates all your real estate data (energy bills, equipment lists, site descriptions, ERP, BMS, CMMS, etc.) in the convenient format.

  • Excel is the main source of data for a business or local authority, rarely capitalised upon and hardly ever pooled;
  • Real estate expanses represent hundred of information sources ;
  • A manager spends an average of 22% of his or her time looking for internal or external information.
Centralisation des données
Automatiser la saisie des données

Automate data entry

Deepki Collect automatically extracts all the useful data from your documents (energy bills, contracts, maintenance reports, etc.).

  • Manual entry is risky and slows organisations down
  • Entering a single piece of a data invoice costs €0.5, which means €6000 a year for 200 sites invoices
  • Reduce your maintenance contract costs by 5% by automating data collection and maintenance reports.

Guarantee integrity of your data

Deepki Collect checks the completeness, consistency of your data set and standardises it in a single database.

  • Data gaps represent 5% to 20% of data relating to a real estate portfolio
  • Quickly identify bills based on estimates and the ones based on real measurements
  • Finally, a single data source for all your real estate information!
Fiabilisation des données

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Récupération des données

Collect your data in your wished format

Deepki Collect provides your information ready for analysis in your wished format and interfaces with your IT system (API to ERP, CMMS, CRM, EMS, etc.)

  • 90% of IT systems interfacing issues are not technical in nature, rather they are organisational or related to internal policies
  • Your data are all yours! In just one click, you can export it whenever you choose
  • Choose the file format that suits you!

Support and guidance

Support and guidance at every stage, saving you time and effort:

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With its new approach for our real estate protfolio in Europe, Deepki went far beyond what we expected.
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Thanks to the Deepki solution on our store fleet, we understand better, we invest better, and we save money.
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