Circa 200 clienti dalla creazione dell’azienda; competenze che continuano a crescere.

Riferimenti tecnici

Bilan Carbone

In Deepki, la sicurezza dei dati e le capacità tecniche dei nostri team sono qualcosa che prendiamo molto sul serio. In questo modo rispettiamo i più severi standard di qualità del mercato.

I nostri partner

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HI INOVAgoranovCap Digital
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With the Deepki Ready solution on our store parks, we understand better, invest better, and save money!
PicardAymar Le ROUX, PICARD
End of presentation of @DeepkiSAS and its “energy management” toolkit; the possibilities and prospects are impressive!
Engie CofelyJean CARLO, Engie Cofely
Deepki’s approach is very enlightening to better understand our portfolio. I can only recommend it.
ImmochanArnaud FLORENT, Immochan
Now, I have a clear overall view of the costs paid for each building. I am able to detect the poorly optimised contracts on a daily basis and I no longer let a renewal occur without renegotiating when it is necessary.
Thierry ImmobilierFrançois GOMELET, Thierry Immobilier

Thanks to the automated collection, I have all the data to hand, to monitor the consumption indicators effortlessly.

KiloutouAudrey MICLARD, Kiloutou

I can target all the problematic contracts and optimise them efficiently.

Mairie de ParisKarine HEROUX, Mairie de Paris

A team that is very much there to support us at every step, advice and a very high quality follow-up.

Groupama immobilierJules BARUL, Groupama

Thanks to the automation of my reporting, I gain at least a week per month.

PicardHalimatou CAMARA, Picard

 With the help of Deepki, we have put in place effective energy management which is able to target the excesses and to reduce them while favouring actions with quick returns on investment.

KiloutouStéphane TIMOSSI, Kiloutou