Cookies Policy

About cookies

When you visit our website, “cookies” or “tracers” are downloaded by your browser (e.g. Chrome, Explorer or Firefox) and stored on your computer or smartphone for our internet server. The browser sends the cookies back to our server enabling us to complete your previous visits.

This page explains how cookies work and how you can use some tools to set them up.

Collection and use of your personal data

When you fill in and submit a form on our site, the data is collected and processed as follows:

  • It is saved in our CRM databases, Mailchimp and Salesforce
  • It is used by our Sales teams to carry out market research and show you the products the company can offer
  • It includes all the data that you will have voluntarily sent as well as your route as you browsed the site and your IP address.

You can ask for the removal of your data from our databases at any time.

How do I request the removal of my data?

Should you like us to remove all of your data, please contact us at the following address:

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small non-executable file comprised simply of the text sent by our website or third-party sites to your computer or smartphone and is stored by your browser.

Cookies cannot delete or read information on your computer or smartphone. All the same, downloading and keeping records of cookies can indirectly allow the user to be identified as the pages visited by a user on a website can be detected and your user profile can be stored.

But cookies are neither spyware nor viruses.

Why do we use cookies?

  1. Functional and technical cookies

Functional and technical cookies are essential to the use of the website.

Deactivating these cookies can be a problem as it can inhibit some of the site’s functionalities and how some pages are displayed.

Other cookies enable us to improve your user route as you browse our web pages by allowing us to personalise some contents. They can recognise and remember the browsing preferences and parameters that you defined on a previous visit to our site, and as such make your browsing easier and more enjoyable.

They allow you to access areas of the site or our services that are restricted or private, such as your personal account, by storing your username, your shopping lists and your orders.

Cookie namePartnerExpiryCookie purpose
pll_language1 yearlanguage detection
Session id2 weeksManaging user sessions
wp1 yearCMS management
xxlplan1 yearhosting system
  1. Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to measure and analyse visits to our website to improve user-friendliness.

They provide us with statistics, such as the average time spent on a page, the number of pages viewed, the number of times a user has already looked at that page, the most commonly viewed services, etc.

Cookie namePartnerExpiryCookie purpose
_gaGoogle2 yearsVisitor analysis
_gatGoogle1 sessionVisitor analysis
_gidGoogle1 dayVisitor analysis
  1. Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies allow us and our partners to analyse your patterns and how you navigate the site so we get to know your preferences and buying habits better and can offer targeted advertising suited to your needs.

Cookie namePartnerExpiryCookie purpose

How do you manage cookies when configuring your browsing?

The internet settings for your browser should also allow you to deactivate cookies.

  1. Computer (PC) navigation

Configuring your browser allows you to manage cookies and you can accept or refuse them using general or more specific parameters at any time.

Configuration elements are specific to each browser, so we suggest you follow the relevant link for your browser to learn more:

Manage cookies on Google Chrome with Support Google Chrome

Manage cookies on Internet Explorer with Support Internet Explorer

Manage cookies on Mozilla Firefox with Support Firefox

Manage cookies on Safari with Support Apple

For other devices such as smartphones or tablets, please check your browser’s help guide.

Visit your browser’s parameters to choose which type of cookies you will accept and how this will affect your browsing,