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Our mission is to empower you to help your customers enhance the value of their real estate assets & achieve their net-zero targets.

Guide your customers towards energy efficiency & net zero

Deepki Ready, the leading ESG SaaS platform for real estate, enables you to anticipate your clients’ needs in line with regulations & ESG market demands.

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“Deepki Ready provides deep insights that will enable our teams to take informed actions at the building level. This will help us embed sustainability best practices – and add real value – at properties we manage around the world.”

Emma Buckland – CBRE’s press release, 2023

Global President of Property Management at CBRE

Leverage from a growing community of

Enable ESG best practices

Set global standards in the real estate sector as demand for more sustainable properties grows. Provide a cutting edge ESG platform and expand capabilities through championing solutions that evolve and anticipate the clients’ needs.

Our partner streams

Value added reseller

We work with our VAR partners to package and customize Deepki’s solutions and resell them, offering their customers added-value services, expertise & trusted data source solutions with our innovative technology.

Technology partner

We provide our partners with resources to develop, test, certify and market joint solutions. API-integrations built with our partners enable different systems to communicate with one other, facilitating the exchange of data.

Institutional partnership & membership

We partner with multiple organizations, including memberships, to create the global standard for ESG reporting in the real estate sector.

Solution integrator

Our mission is to grow and support strategic partner relationships using the tools needed to identify, close, and deliver successful and profitable ESG data intelligence solutions with our joint client prospects.

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