Tertiary Decree: best practices to coordinate with your tenants

Following the latest report from the IPCC, and as climate change effects are getting more and more visible in our everyday lives, regulations are mobilizing all around the globe. Regarding the real estate sector in France, the Tertiary Decree is the main character, subjecting all asset managers owning real estate assets in the country. A […]

Earth Day: Why ESG should start with your team

On this day fifty-two years ago, 20 million US citizens (10% of the population at the time) mobilized to call attention to the growing environmental crisis. This was the beginning of Earth Day, an annual event that celebrates the modern environmental movement. Today, Earth Day is observed by over a billion people worldwide with the […]

Enhance your GRESB score with Deepki Ready

The submission period for GRESB assessments begins on April 1st. Have you gathered all the necessary information and implemented the right procedure to ensure your funds are certified?  Extra-financial criteria play an increasingly important role in the overall evaluation of real estate assets. Certifications such as GRESB testify to your funds’ commitment to ESG standards, […]

Scope 3: how these hard-to-tackle emissions could be a game changer

Reducing carbon emissions is a primary goal included in environmental strategies for all businesses and organizations. In order to do this effectively, an in-depth understanding of GHG emissions and its complexities is vital. Globally, the real estate sector accounts for 38% of CO2 emissions: 28% from building operations and 10% from building materials and construction.  […]

How do I comply with the EU Taxonomy?

In the face of the climate emergency and the challenge of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, the European Union has decided to leverage sustainable finance to achieve its ambitions. Two documents have been implemented to reform the financial system and benefit the economy by integrating ESG issues in the long term. These are, the SFDR […]

The growing risk of stranded assets

Over the last ten years, the  issue of  “stranded assets” resulting  from  diverse types of risk  factors  has  loomed  larger in the real estate industry. The 2015 Paris Agreement brings all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to reduce the challenge of climate change and adapt to its effects. The collective goal […]

Retrofitting: 5 reasons why you shouldn’t overlook it

In 2010, the Empire State Building underwent a massive refurbishment. This included rebuilding the chiller plant, re-insulating the 6514 windows and installing insulation behind the radiators. These changes, among others, led to a 40% reduction in energy consumption, resulting in annual savings of US$4.4 million, 105,000 teqCO₂ savings over a 15-year period and a payback […]

Primonial REIM partners with Deepki to increase the value of its portfolio thanks to a comprehensive ESG strategy.

Primonial REIM partners with Deepki to increase the value of its portfolio thanks to a comprehensive ESG strategy.

ISO 27001

At Deepki, the protection of your data is paramount. This certification guarantees a maximum level of security to customers and partners. Since its creation in 2014, Deepki’s mission has been to support real estate players in their transition towards net zero. Deepki is the only company offering comprehensive ESG solutions based on two core elements: […]

From Green Premium to Brown Discounting: the impact of ESG performance on asset value

For many years, ‘greening’ a building was an effective reputation booster. Now, it’s becoming an imperative and real estate investors need to kickstart their pathway to zero carbon if they want to avoid a ‘brown discount’. Today, stakeholders across all sectors of the economy are paying particular attention to the sustainable development of their businesses. […]

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