Vincent Bryant
Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder of Deepki
Emmanuel Blanchet
Cofounder of Deepki
Jean-Philippe Caruana
Chief Technology Officer
Frédéric Chabrol
Chief Financial Officer
Clémentine Hardy
Partner Operations & Transverse Delivery Functions Leader
Emmanuelle Nello
Chief People Officer
Phill Oliver
Chief Commercial Officer
Philippe Parlange
Chief Client Officer
Olivier Pin
Chief Product Officer
Caroline Tailleferd
Chief Marketing Officer

Leadership Committee

Colin Brown
VP UK & Ireland & Global Head of Sales
Svenja Eisner
Head of Deepki DACH
Vincent Ferrand
VP Engineering
Guillaume Jarlot
VP Nooco
Xana Muñiz Vázquez
VP Southern Europe & LATAM
Anastasia Petrova
Global Head of Strategic Partnerships
Christophe Temple
VP Experience & Design
Alizée Vergnol
VP Product

Our greatest source of pride are the 400+ committed women and men who make up Deepki and who strive to have a positive impact on climate change.

Vincent Bryant and Emmanuel Blanchet
Deepki Founders

The Strategic Committee

Emmanuel Blanchet
Cofounder of Deepki
Vincent Bryant
Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder of Deepki
Sigrid Duhamel
Chairwoman of the Strategic Committee, Ex-Global Chief Investment Officer & CEO France, BNP Paribas REIM
Valère Rames
Partner at Hi Inov Dentressangle
Stefan Hülsen
Senior Investment Manager at Statkraft Ventures GmbH
Humbert de Liedekerke Beaufort
Managing Partner at One Peak
Jean Tardy-Joubert
Partner at Highland Europe
Caroline Lebel
Investment Director at BPI France Large Venture fund
Alice Albizzati
Founding Partner at Revaia


As industry leaders, we are proud to count among our investors recognized industry players with whom we share much more than common objectives - we share a common vision.

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