Gain value with our features
Deepki offers a wide range of features to empower your ESG strategy from data to impact


Make strategic decisions based on reliable data

Optimize your ESG data’s value by ensuring its completeness, accuracy, and auditability
• Monitor and supervise the data collection progress by following closely related KPIs
• Identify missing data or discrepancies and involve the relevant stakeholders
• Centralize all data collection progress KPIs in one place and create a single reliable source to enhance performance


Boost the confidence and satisfaction of your stakeholders

Thanks to automated data collection, accelerate the recovery and centralization of data needed for GRESB submission
• Manage all assessment forms directly in one place, already populated
• Collaborate with several parties and easily follow form completion progress
• Gain access to your predicted score in advance, enabling you to enhance your future ESG strategy


Increase energy efficiency and reach net zero

Reach your ESG goals thanks to a catalog of actions meant to increase energy efficiency & reach decarbonization
• Maintain visibility of your targets and planned investments within a single dashboard
• Rely on Deepki’s comprehensive catalog of 130 standard ESG actions, complete with cost and gain estimates
• Monitor the direct impact of your actions on your energy consumption, GHG emissions and stranded asset pathways

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