ESG is intrinsically linked to financial reporting
At a time when reporting standards are being strengthened to prevent greenwashing, providing reliable ESG indicators to investors, lenders & regulators is more critical than ever.


The same, high-quality standards as financial data, applied to ESG

To ensure your audit-readiness, Deepki is the first ESG SaaS provider for real estate to obtain an ISAE 3000 type 1 attestation. This gives assurance of all our quality control processes, which are essential to support you in providing reliable ESG indicators.

The robustness of our technology & operations have been audited by KPMG to ensure all risks related to data quality are mitigated with suitable control processes.

Why it matters

Thanks to this attestation, you can rest assured that your auditors will have the utmost confidence in your ESG indicators, which are extracted from an ESG platform in line with the highest data quality & security standards. This will fundamentally ease your audit trail and reporting processes.

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Types of ISAE 3000 attestations

Design & Existence – obtained

The ISAE 3000 type 1 attestation certifies that robust, well-designed checks exist & meet the level of reliability required by the standard.

Operational Effectiveness – in progress

The ISAE 3000 type 2 attestation proves that these quality controls are systematically applied over the course of a year.

Frequently asked questions

What does the ISAE 3000 attestation mean for my organization?

The attestation guarantees that all control procedures and tools operated by Deepki are appropriately designed to ensure the quality of the data collected, processed and extracted by Deepki Ready, as of December 2023.

It provides an exhaustive, transparent and audited vision of all the resources and tools used by Deepki to guarantee the reliability of its platform, Deepki Ready. It enhances the value of your ESG data and performance indicators while facilitating your audit processes.

How can I use Deepki’s attestation during audit phase?

The attestation report is extremely useful for facilitating your audit processes. It documents your auditors and gives them proof of the reliability of Deepki Ready, and the data by which you measure your ESG performance.

What is the period covered?

The attestation is based on an audit conducted on Deepki in the last quarter of 2023, with the attestation itself being issued on 15 December 2023.

Which services are covered?

The attestation covers all of Deepki services and operations that impact the quality of data collected, processed and extracted from the Deepki Ready platform.

What is the difference between ISO 27001, ISAE 3000 type 1 and ISAE 3000 type 2?

These two standards are complementary. ISO 27001 provides a framework and structure for guaranteeing the security of data processed in the Deepki Ready application. ISAE 3000 provides assurance of the proper design of data quality control processes.

The ISAE 3000 standard is divided into two levels:
Type 1 “Design and Existence” – which demonstrates the existence of suitably designed quality controls of Deepki Ready’s processes to the level required by the standard.
Type 2 “Operational Effectiveness” – which demonstrates the operational effectiveness of these controls over a period of one year.

Deepki has already begun the Type 2 attestation process.

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Other certifications & awards

Label B Corp

Deepki holds the label BCorp certification, thereby strengthening its commitment towards its communities and stakeholders.

ISO 27001

Deepki Ready is certified NF EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 which represents a guarantee of trust, responsibility and security to all stakeholders.

French Tech Next40/120

Deepki is named one of 2023 winners of the French Tech Next40/120 program, a Mission French Tech support program dedicated to the most promising companies in the French tech ecosystem.