Since 2006, the B Corp label has promoted its values for change around the world.

It was important for Deepki to receive this certification, as it is a guarantee of trust, responsibility and transparency to our stakeholders. It stands out against other labels of its kind, as it has the most rigorous criteria and is therefore the most difficult to obtain. For several years, a growing number of micro-enterprises and SMBs have engaged in environmental and societal change, particularly in regard to their customer relationships. It goes without saying that B Corp is the benchmark for demonstrating real commitments to stakeholders. But what exactly is it? What does it represent to businesses and investors? How do you go about obtaining it?

B Corp

Today, more than 3,400 companies in 70 countries are B Corp certified. The label became better-known in France in 2015, thanks to Utopies, a consulting firm specializing in social and environmental strategy for businesses. Since then, demand from French companies to become certified has only grown!

Why was it important to receive the B Corp certification?

Since its creation, Deepki has been making real estate more sustainable by harnessing data. It is our mission to reduce both our and our customers’ impact on the environment. It was therefore the obvious course of action to invest some time in obtaining the B Corp certification.

This certification is an indicator of the implementation of ESG criteria, as well as a commitment to social and environmental responsibility and transparency of our business strategy in regard to our stakeholders. B Corp has proved to be a valuable asset, acting as a seal of approval on the way in which we conduct ourselves, both internally and with external parties.

For Deepki’s team, B Corp represents concrete commitments:

Proving our commitment to our community and our stakeholders

The ability discuss environmental topics that will change the world of today and tomorrow
Demonstrating that we take our responsibility seriously, both individually and at a company level

Illustrating to our customers that it really is possible to take action
Seeing through Deepki’s mission from beginning to end: using data to make real estate more sustainable

Sourcing new talents who share our values

Our ambitions for the coming years

This certification represents a long-term commitment to continual improvement. To this end, all companies having received the label must re-apply every 3 years. These 3 years are used to understand, analyse and prepare the necessary elements to improve themselves in order to receive a higher score than their previous application.

Our ambition is to make the real estate sector more sustainable, while promoting B Corp’s values, which we practise daily.

Our commitments are based on 5 pillars:

Well-being of our employees

Our employees’ well-being at work is essential, in order to grow in a professional and sociable environment.

Environmental commitment

The environment is at the core of Deepki’s daily mission. Soft mobility and recycling are widely promoted within our teams and allow us to reduce our annual greenhouse emissions.


At Deepki, transparency and integration are key words. Each of our employees is educated on the company’s core issues, the importance of environmental impact and our ethical charter, which is essential for the company to run effectively and for the teams to be able to work together. Deepki is proud of the gender parity of its teams, with 49% female employees.

Customer satisfaction

We love our customers, and the feeling is mutual. They scored us 8/10 on a customer satisfaction questionnaire!

Importance of communities

We surround ourselves with responsible partners, in line with our responsible procurement strategy. We support local suppliers in order to highlight regional products, such as our coffee supplier, who works with fair trade farms in Colombia.

What is the B Corp Certification process?

Before getting started, it is important to ask yourself the right questions. Why are you doing it? Purely for recognition? No. Obtaining this label is about promoting your company’s and your employees’ true values.

What you should know

This process takes time, at least several months. It is vital to understand that this is a time consuming process in the short to medium term. You must therefore have the resources necessary, in someone that will be able to dedicate their time to the process, understand the criteria and liaise with B Corp.

To find out more about the certification criteria, visit the official website.