Cookies Policy

About cookies

When visiting Deepki United Kingdom (hereinafter “Deepki”) websites, “cookies” or “tracers” are downloaded by the user’s browser (e.g. Chrome, Explorer or Firefox) and stored on their computer or smartphone. The browser sends the cookies back to the Deepki server so that Deepki can take into account previous website visits for the user experience. Cookies cannot delete or read information on the user’s computer or smartphone. Nevertheless, downloading and storing cookies may indirectly allow identification of the user, as the pages visited by a user on a website can be recognized and his or her user profile can be stored. However, cookies are neither spyware nor viruses.

This cookie notice explains how cookies work and how the user can set them up. Further information on data processing on Deepki’s website can be found in the Data Privacy Policy, which is permanently available in the footer of the website.

Why does Deepki use cookies?

  1. Functional and technical cookies

Functional and technical cookies are essential for the use of the Website. If such cookies are disabled, it may affect some functions of the website and the display of some pages.

Other cookies make it possible to improve the user experience when browsing our websites by allowing some content to be personalized. They recognize and store the browser preferences and parameters defined by the user during a previous visit to our website, making browsing easier and more pleasant (e.g. saving the language setting). They also allow access to areas of the website or our services that are restricted, such as the personal user account, by being able to save the user name.

Deepki uses the following functional and technical cookies:

Cookie nameExternal PartnerRetention periodPurpose of the cookie
pll_language1 yearLanguage selection recognition
Session id2 weeksUser session management
wp1 yearContent management
(alignment of displayed content)
xxlplan1 yearHosting system
  1. Analytics cookies

Deepki uses analytic cookies to measure and analyze visits to its website and improve the user experience. These cookies provide statistics such as the average time spent on a page, the number of pages viewed, the number of times a page is viewed by a user, the most frequently accessed services.

Deepki uses the following analytics cookies:

Cookie nameExternal partnerStorage periodPurpose of the cookie
_gaGoogle2 yearsVisitor analysis
_gatGoogle1 sessionVisitor analysis
_gidGoogle1 dayVisitor analysis
  1. Marketing cookies

Tracking cookies allow partners of the company to analyze the behavior of users and their navigation on the website, so that the company can better know the preferences of users and offer them targeted advertising tailored to their needs.

Cookie nameExternal PartnerRetention periodPurpose of the cookie

Legal Basis

The legal basis with regard to the processing of personal data in connection with Functional/Technical Cookies and their use is Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. f GDPR (legitimate interests).

The processing of personal data collected with non-Functional/Technical Cookies is based on our legitimate interests, or, if necessary, on your consent pursuant to Art. 6 para. S.1 lit. a GDPR.

Configuration of the browser to rejet cookies

The user can configure his browser to either systematically reject cookies or to reject cookies manually. The setting of each browser is different.

Here are some examples:


Deepki’s data protection officer is Mr. Paul Dumon. Contact with our data protection officer can be made in writing via the address, Deepki United Kingdom, 16 Mortimer St, London W1T 3JL, UNITED KINGDOM, Attn: Data Protection Department, or via the email address