The Azora Group

The Azora Group calls on Deepki to collect its consumption data as part of a global ESG strategy

Assets to monitor on Deepki Ready
Countries to cover (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium)
Convinced that the integration of ESG factors into investments is essential, the Azora Group aims to implement a comprehensive and realistic ESG strategy. GRESB reporting is the first step in their overall environmental strategy and allows them to measure and benchmark their ESG performance.
Meters connected to the platform
Residential buildings monitored (8 000 houses)

Deepki allows us to automate data collection and achieve our overall ESG objectives. The human and professional support we have received has enabled us to determine a solid action plan to fulfill our ESG commitments while improving our GRESB reporting process.

Vanessa López

Director of Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management for the Azora Group.

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