Easy ESG reporting

Simplify your ESG reporting

Enhance the extra-financial value of your assets.

Use solid indicators and reliable data to manage your CSR/ESG actions and save time when creating your report. Reporting your extra-financial performance has never been so easy!

Assemble all your ESG data easily

Collect all your ESG data easily

Automate your CSR/ESG data collection whether to one asset or to your whole portfolio, contact all your stakeholders automatically and collect your tenants data legally and simply. Centralise all sources of information via the same platform.

Make your indicators reliable

Make your indicators reliable

Use algorithms to check the reliability of your data automatically, estimate the missing data to make your indicators reliable. Keep your auditors happy and strengthen your company’s reputation.

Produce your reporting in the right format

Produce your reporting in the right format

Whether it’s for GRESB evaluation, SRI label, green committee or CSR reporting, collect once and report 100 times! Get the correct reporting in one click whatever the desired framework.

Improve your extra-financial performance

Improve your extra-financial performance

Use your extra-financial reporting to focus on the efficiency of your ESG (environmental, social and governance) strategy. Put action plans in place and detect improvement drivers from one year to the next.


The Deepki platform was particularly appreciated by the auditor. It is an undeniable strength of our ISO 50001 certification process.

Loreline Sorel, Head of Energy

With Deepki, we were able to combine the monitoring and management of our CSR strategy with our extra-financial reporting needs, in a single tool. Our leadership in the sector has been recognised by our auditors.

Franck Tharreau, Group Head Of Engineering & Sustainability

The data collection process is faster, more transparent and more reliable. Soon we won't have to contact our tenants every year to collect their bills, and what’s more we'll be providing a real extra service.

Henri Chapouthier, Head of the Sustainability Department


We’re always here to help! We will stand by your side at every stage of your project, depending on your needs:

  • Data mapping available to you from the beginning of the project
  • Make your filing system reliable and gauge what data you are missing
  • Team dedicated to sending reminders to your tenants and property managers
  • Support while building your reporting (for Tertiary building rules, GRESB, etc.)