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Would you like to get involved in the real estate sector’s environmental transition and join a young and dynamic team ? Respond to one of our vacancies already posted online or submit an unsolicited application.

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"What I particularly appreciate about working at Deepki is the strong shared desire to make what we do meaningful, to reduce our collective environmental footprint"

Robin, Data-Scientist at Deepki

"What I like best about Deepki is the dynamic and stimulating work environment! After almost three years on the marketing team, I'm still learning every day"

Agathe , Content Marketing Manager at Deepki

"When things aren't going well, we dare to say it and we try to find a solution. When everything's going well, you know how to celebrate !"

Quentin , Developer at Deepki

"Deepki brought me a real human experience and a real skill boost ! The caring and dynamic teams"

Sarah, Communication Manager at Deepki

"A very interesting work methodology. A real hindsight on the different tasks I have to accomplish every day. We feel useful !“

Pierre, Developer at Deepki

"I feel like being on a rocket Mars"

Edith, Office Manager at Deepki

"At Deepki, you feel like you're being listened to when you take the initiative !"

Clémence, Customer Success Manager Italia at Deepki

"It's the best work experience I've ever had! The business is constantly evolving and bringing new challenges"

Julia, Recruitment Officer

"The working atmosphere is very good and the welcome from Deepki Spain and the headquarters in Paris was very warm. It's a big working family !"

Javier , Sales Spain at Deepki

"In Deepki, I feel just like home"

Sandrine, Billing Officer at Deepki

"Deepki is like a big family where Dynamism, Respect and Trust are important values"

Emma, Customer Success Manager at Deepki

"This is only my first professional experience, yet I’ve noticed that the working environment here is incredible. No micro-management, transparency and all-round niceness"

Joan, Customer Success Manager Spain at Deepki

"In Deepki I have the scope to prove myself, and that's highly motivating"

Elise, International Coordinator at Deepki

"What I like best about Deepki is the vision, the passion and the determination to challenge the technology for a sustainable future”

Alvaro , Sales Manager Spain at Deepki

"It is a real pleasure to represent Deepki and to work closely with our strategic clients"

Nabila, Key Account Manager at Deepki

"What I like best about Deepki is the team I'm in, obviously and the way complex elements such as digitization can be explained simply both internally and to clients"

Eléonore, Marketing Officer
So, are you convinced ?

Five good reasons
to work at Deepki

Photo transition environnementale
Ceci est une photo d'une partie de l'équipe Deepki

Work for the environmental transition

Our work has meaning. Having a positive impact on the world is a powerful motivator of Deepki’s employees. We use all our energy to make the real estate sector as sustainable and efficient as possible.


Work for an international company

With 12 different nationalities at Deepki, the working environment is rich and multicultural ! Our presence in three countries encourages international exchange and develops everybody’s ability to adapt.


Take advantage of employee benefits

Fresh fruit baskets every week, frequent
introduction breakfasts, free coffee, meal vouchers, one day working from home per week and stylish contemporary offices in the heart of Paris !


Work in a healthy environment with a positive atmosphere

is the overall Happy@Work score awarded by Deepki employees ! Communication, listening and a culture of well-being are all part of our everyday values.


Experience a human adventure

Skills development, real responsibilities, control over working hours, employee well-being etc. Come and experience a real human adventure !

Would you like to join us?

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If we are interested in your application, our recruitment officer will contact you by phone or email to arrange a telephone interview lasting about half an hour. The interview will be approved within a week.

You will meet the manager, or several members of the team if you are applying for a developer role. Applicants for developer roles will take a technical test with our technical director. Our recruitment officer will then provide feedback by phone or email based on the manager’s impressions.

Applicants for permanent positions will be invited back to meet one of our co-founders.

We will send you a job offer.

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