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With Deepki Ready

  • Improve your knowledge of your real estate portfolio.
  • Reduce your energy bills and consumption.
  • Save time and improve the efficiency of managing your real estate portfolio.


  • Integrate your data in 1 click from any format, without any preliminary processing.
  • Use all your data in a consolidated and coherent database structured by our Data Analyst team.
  • Save time in your reporting thanks to the automatic updating of your data (invoices, remote meter reading, reporting…).


  • Get a chart of your real estate in just 1 click.
  • Unify all your unstructured data clarifying the view of your real estate portfolio.
  • See everything that counts for you in a simple and intuitive way .


  • Identify your most performant assets and those with the greatest potential in energy savings at a glance.
  • Segment your real estate portfolio into clusters according to the most relevant types and identify the good practices and the anomalies.
  • Compare your real estate portfolio to that of your peers.


  • Anticipate uncontrolled consumption and invoicing anomalies every month.
  • Be alerted in real time .
  • Waste no more time validating invoices manually, Deepki Ready automatically detects errors .


  • Target potential energy savings and obtain concrete and precise recommendations on where to make the savings.
  • Follow up the energy savings achieved.
  • Justify your investments by proving the savings obtained.


  • Export the indicators you follow in the most suitable format.
  • Generate your automatically updated report.
  • Obtain visuals and graphics in your chosen colours to boost your communication.

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Deepki in a few words

Created by Emmanuel BLANCHET and Vincent BRYANT, Deepki is a Young and Innovative Enterprise which uses its clients’s existing information to make energy savings in the real estate parks.

Thanks to its SaaS application Deepki Ready, Deepki gives to its clients the means to reduce the costs of all its portfolio in a few weeks, without installing a meter and without carrying out an energy audit.

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