ESG reporting: finding the approach that fits your goals, and following through with success

Stakeholders are no longer focused on financial data alone, and organizations today face increasing market pressure to meet new criteria – especially with the emergence of European regulations like the Tertiary Decree, MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards), the Dutch Building Decree, etc. To help real estate players in this quest for extra-financial value, there are […]

SFDR regulation: improving the ESG traceability of your real estate assets

Faced with increasingly strict regulations (Tertiary Decree, Paris Agreement, Energy Transition Act, etc.) and the growing sensibility of market stakeholders, real estate players can no longer focus on financial valuation alone. Now more than ever, these actors need to integrate ESG* criteria into their overall corporate strategy. This week’s Deepki blog offers an overview of […]

Data collection: going for a pragmatic approach

Whatever your purpose – whether it’s regulatory compliance, CSR reporting or certification – data collection is key to managing your real estate assets. This process concerns all sorts of information including asset data, energy consumption, activity, ESG criteria and open data. But collection is no simple task! Large property portfolios involve numerous stakeholders, and widely […]

B Corp

Why was it important to receive the B Corp certification? Since its creation, Deepki has been making real estate more sustainable by harnessing data. It is our mission to reduce both our and our customers’ impact on the environment. It was therefore the obvious course of action to invest some time in obtaining the B […]


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The digitalization of Real Estate: what are we talking about?

In recent years, the Real Estate sector has entered an era of digital transformation. But what does “digital property” actually mean? And how can technical property management services be digitalized? Let’s take a closer look. Digital Real Estate: the current state of play In today’s Real Estate sector, digitalization takes two primary forms: Building Information […]

GRESB: how to respond to the assessment?

Based in Amsterdam, GRESB was created by a group of investors aspiring to compare their property assets’ ESG performance. The organization’s goal is to ensure that assets are sustainable, addressing today’s needs without impacting future generations. To this end, GRESB offers an annual assessment that compares property management companies based on ESG criteria. If you’re […]

Data management: what strategy should you implement for your property portfolio?

When it comes to collecting data, our number one piece of advice is to focus first and foremost on existing data. Additional metering systems, though sometimes very useful, also have some major drawbacks: their high cost, mixed reliability, and the often wasted amounts of new data they generate. Preparing an action plan for data collection […]

[Video] Automatic collection of your property data: what for?

Collecting property data is an essential first step in your real estate management approach – whether you’re seeking easier access to information or a global view of your property portfolio, setting up an energy management strategy or starting contract management. But what kind of data are we talking about? This video has the answers! Keep […]