Data management: the right data for the right purpose

When it comes to shaping a successful service management policy, determining which data to use can be difficult. This article explores the four types of data you should be focusing on first, and the challenges of each. Asset data By definition, asset data is information relating to your assets, i.e., the property portfolio being managed. […]

Algorithms to the rescue: fighting energy waste in the Retail sector

What if your sales staff arrived three hours before the store opened every morning? You would see it as an absurd waste of resources, and you’d be right! And yet you squander resources just as needlessly every day, by leaving appliances and lights on outside of business hours. How can you eliminate this kind of […]


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Data The journey to managing your ESG performance begins with collecting data from all assets and energy suppliers into one platform. Collect reliable data to gain a comprehensive overview of your best and least performing assets, ultimately safeguarding the value of your portfolio. Insight Transform data into insights that inform your ESG strategy, reporting, and […]


Create the right ESG strategy and increase the attractiveness of your business by controlling your energy and carbon consumption.


DATA COLLECTION Make strategic decisions based on reliable data Investors, partners and customers are increasingly demanding transparency regarding ESG performance. The need to gather the right data that promotes accuracy and credibility in a centralized dashboard is, therefore, rapidly increasing. • Thanks to an automated and powerful data collection process, your data, from building data […]


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