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Deepki offers a wide range of features to track and analyze your energy consumption


Receive ongoing analysis of your cost saving opportunities

Putting in place a decarbonization strategy for your portfolio requires having a clear understanding of current performance based on qualitative, credible, and reliable data. This is an essential step in order to improve your energy management initiatives.

• Thanks to our automated data collection process, you can consolidate your energy and building data into a centralized platform. Visualize your buildings and facilities on a map to get a comprehensive and transparent view of your portfolio.
• Compare building performance using key metrics like annual electricity or gas consumption per unit of area. Export your data analytics to identify underperforming assets and implement actions to reduce overall portfolio consumption.


Control your energy consumption & cost

Managing the energy costs of an extensive portfolio is a lengthy journey that requires expertise. In the effort to rationalize and optimize energy usage, having access to a platform that offers energy management practices and detects anomalies is crucial.

• Your data is automatically collected in one central place, allowing you to understand the connections between invoices, meters, and buildings based on the data coverage. Identify buildings with low performance in your portfolio by comparing them with similar ones.
• Thanks to machine learning, you can receive alerts in case of anomalies, enabling you to understand the patterns and take corrective actions with the right stakeholders. By closely monitoring your data and consumption, you can achieve both energy and financial savings.


Increase energy efficiency to reach decarbonization

Under the Paris Agreement, net emissions must reach zero by 2050 to align with the European Green Deal and the EU’s environmental commitments. Companies are mandated to establish long-term ESG objectives in line with net-zero standards. Achieve your ESG goals through action plans, progress monitoring, and impact tracking.

• Utilize a comprehensive catalog of 130 standard ESG actions, including cost and gain estimates, to enhance energy efficiency and achieve decarbonization.
• Open source CRREM is integrated into our platform to monitor CO2 emissions reduction targets and project consumption based on historical data. This provides insights for adapting or taking direct actions based on observed trajectory.

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