Gain value with our features
Deepki offers a wide range of features to track and analyze your energy consumption


Receive ongoing analysis of your cost saving opportunities

Track and compare metrics and KPIs about your buildings in a visual format.
• Visualize your buildings and facilities on a map to get the most comprehensive view of your portfolio
• Compare energy performance of your buildings thanks to key metrics like yearly electricity or gas consumption per unit of surface
• Export your data analytics, pinpoint the buildings that are drifting, and establish actions to lower your portfolio’s consumption


Control your energy consumption & cost

Thanks to machine learning, you can set up and monitor alerts at an building or meter level
• Receive personalized email notifications alerting you to unusual consumption patterns in any of your buildings
• Get notified when data is inconsistent to quickly implement the right actions: large baseload, overconsumption, overloads, water leak
• Understand the patterns behind the alerts detected for your buildings and implement the changes necessary in your ESG strategy


Increase energy efficiency and reach net zero

Reach your ESG goals thanks to a catalog of actions meant to increase energy efficiency & reach decarbonization
• Maintain visibility of your targets and planned investments within a single dashboard
• Rely on Deepki’s comprehensive catalog of 130 standard ESG actions, complete with cost and gain estimates
• Monitor the direct impact of your actions on your energy consumption and GHG emissions

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